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One Session Many Benefits


Are you curious about this program and who it’s for?

Collateral Changes™ is for men and women who are fed up with diets and workout programs that they never stick to or cannot maintain results from.

This program is for you, if you’ve had it.

You’re frustrated. You’ve tried it all, and nothing works for you when it comes to diet and exercise, or getting to your ideal weight. You hate the scale, you hate exercise, and you feel shame and self-loathing for where you’re at. I’ve been there, too.

Does this sound familiar?

You start new diets and workout plans with a dash of high hopes, and a liberal scoop of enthusiasm that this time will be different (and often it starts out promising). Before you know it, you’re back where you started because something happens (that thing called life, really) and old habits take over. It happens again, and again.

And you’re tired of it, right?

What if it’s not about the food or exercise at all?

Did you ever address the emotions that make you eat what you don’t want to?

That’s right. Now it’s time to release the emotional baggage at the heart of diet and exercise self-sabotage. Learn how to create emotional weight loss and maintain freedom from the tyranny of food.

Tap along every month, and become the master of your emotions, rather than a slave to them. Each Collateral Changes™ webinar addresses a unique aspect of this paradigm.

Tap along with my volunteer and create your own shifts and changes.

The first time I met Nicola, I felt so much at ease with her. It was as if we had known each other forever. She was friendly, intelligent and understanding. Nicola’s style is top notch as she cements everything together, guiding me in a sincere, compassionate and non judgmental way. Even, sharing in some laughter. So refreshing. I’m grateful for all she has helped me with in positive empowered ways. I’m also, thankful for the additional wonderful tools she shared with me for preparation and daily tapping habits made simple and effective. She also, has great follow up to her sessions. If you are looking for an Effective, Compassionate Supportive practitioner, you can count on Nicola. She’s an authentically amazing human being.


I would have never imagined that changing the way I process events in my life would have such an impact in my health. Before working with Nicola, I would permanently run into health issues that would impact my daily life. Nicola has given me a new look on life, including grief, that has impacted positively my wellbeing and tools that I can use on a daily basis. Every single minute I have worked with Nicola has been well spent on my benefit!!! She is so tangibly knowledgeable, experienced and organized, and on her clients benefit, she is not selfish; she gives you so many tools to use independently. I am so thankful for every moment spent working with her, I cannot recommend her enough!!!

-Sara Bermudez

Nicola helped me with the anxiety I felt each time I interacted with my aged mother who has dementia and cognitive decline. Her voice was SO calm and reassuring and I felt huge relief after my session that I didn’t give anymore thought to correcting Mom the next time I spoke to her. Instead I felt compassion more than anything else for how confusing it must me to Mom to have her mind be failing her. Thank you Nicola for your calm and positive demeanor and skills!

-Linda Heinsohn

There are all kinds of things we can do in this world to make it a better place but we must start with ourselves.

- Richard Bandler

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