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PDMM Testimonials

Practitioner Development Mastermind:

You want to know how to set your compass into a new venture, a new business, a new you? Nicolas’s PDMM is the easiest most knowledgeable set of classes I have attended to light that spark. It’s about how to make possible PRACTICAL, DOABLE, AND MANAGEABLE.

She generously shares from her own experience how to navigate each stage. From the birthing stage, to owning your dream, giving it a name, and educating you how to behave as a business owner. For us intuitive types this is often a foreign identity.  

The classes identified the next right step for me and gave me the skills to navigate business in the new world of technology we are inhabiting.

                 -Irene H.

I was part of Nicola's Practitioner Development Mastermind in 2022, and it was an experience just as it is titled … Practitioner Development.  

Nicola is a goldmine of information!  

She transparently and abundantly shared her vast knowledge of several subjects, including how to vet clients before you choose to work with them, how to best run a session once they've signed with you, and tons of tips and tricks of the trade (a.k.a. lessons learned from mistakes made). Not only did she teach practical handling of clients during sessions, but also shared how to manage them from a business perspective, i.e. emails, tracking income/expenses, staying connected to perspective clients without being a pest, how to close a sale...she even shared the tools she uses to keep her business running efficiently and the reasons she uses them (and why she no longer uses others).  

Even though she packed so much information into each class, she still kept room for us to ask questions about ANYthing WE wanted to discuss. Nothing was off limits. We had the freedom to ask, discuss, and share with each other in addition to Nicola herself. AND she had TWO classes running that she provided replays for, so we had double the Q&A pool to draw from! Both classes were basically the same, but with different people in each one came different perspectives and questions, translating into even MORE knowledge to glean!  

I loved the camaraderie between the ladies and the accountability that blossomed from those friendships. Nicola challenged us and kept track of each of our goals to accomplish by the next class with absolutely no judgement. It was a very safe and encouraging space/environment. She made herself available between classes if we were stuck and needed some extra help, and the other ladies were willing to share, give advice, and be sounding boards as well. It was a great experience and I missed the accountability when it was over! ❤  

I highly recommend this Mastermind to anyone who would like to become a more developed practitioner!

                 -Sue C.  

When I started Nicola's Practitioner Development MasterMind Group at the beginning of this year, I was struggling with the financial side of things in all the ways - not paying bills on time, avoiding anything to do with numbers, not even opening bills sometimes, I was having all the consequences of that "money" program, it was overwhelming, I would get "brain freeze" and go into inaction/avoidance and it was getting the better of me. As part of the PDMM group, Nicola shared the YNAB Budget, and she supported me throughout all the weeks to learn how to use it for myself, to see and understand how it worked, and to teach me I could really take control and learn it for myself. This is an area I never thought I would be able to learn or control, but her teaching has been a massive - MASSIVE - shift for me. I will be eternally grateful. 

I was also struggling in allowing myself to be a participant in a group and allow myself to be seen and vulnerable. Because I felt safe with Nicola and I trusted her, I joined her PDMM program... and through that, I evolved into allowing myself to be vulnerable, to speak truthfully where I was at, even in front of others, and I learned everyone has their own stuff they are dealing with. It's not just me, and we can support each other. I also learned it's important to share, and to especially share the "wins'... which I never knew to even look for or recognize, until Nicola was asking us for them on each call. I kind-of honestly didn't even know "wins" were a "thing", until she started asking the questions to make them visible to my awareness.

I also had questions about working with difficult clients, and to my amazement one particular client I've struggled so much with, which I asked so much about, seems to have almost completely shifted into the positive, and I am certain, that is because I shifted in my interactions with this person based on the wisdom I received from Nicola and this group.

I have now overcome so much. Am I where I want to be - no. Am I where I used to be - far from it. I believe Nicola has been hugely instrumental in helping me overcome my self-imposed limitations and propelling me forward along my path. Nicola is a great teacher. She thinks things through so thoroughly, she is an amazing strategist for how to break things down into actual doable steps. She is so wise, and so safe, and so committed, and "walks the talk" more than anyone else I know. I am so grateful to have met her and her influence in my life. 

Plus she has an amazing sense of humor... "DOINK!"

                 -Melanie T.  

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