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Life is too short to let your past dictate your future. 

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A strategy session, so you can experience how effective coaching makes a difference in your life.


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The best way to predict the future is to create it.

-Abraham Lincoln

A Little About Me

What big dreams did you have when you were a kid? After a short-lived dream of being a jockey, I dreamed of helping the world be a happier place. To change the lives of people for the better. Until the day I realized this dream was about me wanting to be happy. A dream about me leading a better life with fewer struggles. I’ve turned my own personal struggles into learning and growth, and now I’m teaching these learnings to my clients.

I believe in constant and never-ending improvement (Thank you, Tony Robbins).


I help people overcome their own challenges faster. To do this I dedicate my time to refining and mastering my skills. Through daily application I find ways to make them easier to apply and understand. I like to let things be easy when possible.

To coach authentically I remain my first and most frequent client.

I know happiness is an inside job... but sometimes it takes a little guidance from the outside. I coach people like you who are experiencing a variety of challenges. Challenges such as chronic illness, work and life stress, emotional eating, and many other things. I facilitate lasting changes working with the unconscious mind.

Because there is only one you, and you are completely unique (as are your challenges), the tools I use will vary. What you’ll find in my coaching toolbox are techniques like Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), FasterEFT, Hypnosis, Modern Energy Tapping, SET Tapping and IEP, Mindscaping, and Jack Canfield’s Success Principles. As your coach I adapt to you. Together we will uncover your true potential less the self-imposed limits that held you back.

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I was no longer stuck in an endless Loop of self-evidencing chatter!

I have had the pleasure of working with Nicola Vitkovich. She had come highly recommended so I knew change was afoot. I, like most people, came to her with stories and ways of being that did not serve me. Nicola was so adept at helping me see that the stories I held of others were really all about me. Once I realized that was the case, I felt so empowered and much more free to change. I was no longer stuck in an endless loop of self-evidencing chatter. Nicola is a master in guiding one through the transformational process of working with the subconscious. My sessions were laser focused on getting results by challenging my limiting beliefs and by helping me reimprint memories that were holding me back. Throughout the sessions, I would have one aha moment after another in seeing the patterns in life. Also, through her humor and supportive manner I felt completely at ease. I highly recommend Nicola, she is a true trailblazer for change and a stand for what is possible if we seek our best selves.

Kim Walmsley

Nicola has a real pasion for helping others move on from their past!

 I highly recommend working with Nicola for emotional issues, trauma or if you just want to work through minor self-defeating beliefs. I had 20+ years of therapy & felt like I had gotten no where with the different kinds of abuse from my childhood. Nicola helped me work through several of the issues I couldn't seem to get past. I didn't realize my internal mantra had become "I'm not enough". I no longer feel that way & am working on moving forward with my life. Nicola is very compassionate, intuitive as to what you may need, not afraid to try the different techniques she has learned & she has a real passion for helping others move on from their past. If you are ready for some major changes, take the leap & make that appointment!

Teri Mitchell

She is very dedicated to her work and really cares about her clients!

 I am so grateful to have worked with Nicola! She is very compassionate and so knowledgable. Safety for me was a huge issue and Nicola made me felt very safe and at ease during the sessions. She is very intuitive and picks up on things very quickly. She sends amazing organized notes after the sessions and gives so many more additional resources to support the work. She knows a lot about how the nervous system works and was able to really support me through a difficult time. The support she provides is absolutely amazing. We have worked on some really deep stuff and I am noticing internal changes everyday. I am doing the work everyday on my own and I know I have her support if I ever need her help. I highly recommend her. She is very dedicated to her work and really cares about her clients! I love working with Nicola! I cannot recommend her enough!:)

Sonia U

I don't give my heart to any professional, but I definitely trust her!

Nicole Nelson

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